Tebulo Industrial Robotics (North America) is becoming Radian Robotics.

Radian Reveal

I’m thrilled to let you know that Tebulo Industrial Robotics is changing its name to Radian Robotics, effective January 2021. This name change is part of a larger rebranding process that we’ve undergone due to our business’s growth. As we’ve expanded into different market segments and developed new applications, our team has doubled in size — and we’ve outgrown the partnership we have with our European division.

Here are all the exciting details you need to know:

You can still take advantage of our specialized technology and engineering capabilities. Our name and brand are changing, but our relentless drive to help solve your problems remains the same. Existing customers can look forward to seeing our engineering abilities and proprietary product lines continue to grow.

Our commitment to heavy industry is stronger than ever. Our focus on the steel, aluminum and lumber industries is still razor-sharp. And our team is continuing to improve and expand our product lines specifically for you.

You can expect the same quality service and support from our team. Our support staff are here to help no matter the issue and will be as responsive as ever.

The same familiar faces continue to manage our company as we grow. Our management team is the same strong group we had in place before the name change.

We are 100% North American owned and operated. We are still located in Hamilton, Ontario, and are still serving all of North and South America, as well as New Zealand and Australia.

You’ll start to see even more exciting changes over the next few months. Along with our new name will come a new brand identity, featuring a new logo and colors. After that, we’ll be launching a brand new immersive website.

To thrive in a global economy, North American mills need to find innovative ways to reduce operating costs, increase productivity and eliminate errors without compromising safety or quality. These may seem like difficult feats in your industry, but here at Radian Robotics, we believe we can help you achieve these goals.

We’re looking forward to helping you improve your operations in the years to come.


Jim Kay President, Radian Robotics (formerly Tebulo Industrial Robotics)